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Building Positive Memories

Project Play is a grassroots organisation that works with displaced children in Northern France. We believe that all children have the right to play. 

We are a group of volunteer teachers and play workers who believe in the power of play. We provide children with safe spaces to play, learn and be themselves.

We are mobilising for children on the move.

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Latest News

Statement: The UK's 'Illegal Migration' Bill

The UK Government's new proposals seek to strip the right to seek asylum from those fleeing war, conflict and persecution, introducing powers to indefinitely detain those forced to cross the channel without appeal. Safe routes to the UK are not accessible for the majority of those who need them, and the majority of those forced to risk their lives crossing the channel have their asylum claims granted.


We are deeply concerned about these proposals, and the impact that they will have on the communities we work with. We must stand up, and ask our MPs to oppose the Bill. Take action today:

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