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Since Project Play started in 2018, we have been documenting children's rights violations we witness on a daily basis during our sessions. We have consistently seen degrading and inhumane living conditions in the informal camps, with minimal access to the most basic facilities. There is currently no running water or access to sanitation facilities, no state-run food distribution and no access to formal education for children and minors. As winter weather conditions set in, the temperatures at night time begin to drop, forcing families to sleep outside in freezing conditions with no sustainable sheltering options. 

Updates, Reports& statements

We produce monthly updates from our observations on the ground alongside detailed reports on specific issues facing children on the border. We also release statements on key events relevant to our work.

What can I do?

Speak Up. Share. Engage - your voice matters. We compile lists of useful resources as well as country-specific guides on how you can take action and get involved.

monthly updates

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quarterly reports


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