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​Our service aims to mitigate the impacts of ongoing trauma and to foster a sense of identity, agency and increased self-worth for the children we support. We do this through providing regular and consistent play sessions, with familiar faces and carefully planned out games and activities. 


Our sessions involve structured activities followed by time for free play. We always begin our session with group circle games, so everyone can participate, get to know each other and feel welcome in our space. 


We follow circle time with group activities, which are usually divided roughly by age group. These activities include arts and crafts, team-building games, construction challenges, sports games, educational sessions and science experiments. Each week the aim and theme of our main activities changes, from Nature to Science, Space to Drama. 


After our main activity, we provide a range of free play options for children of all ages. Our most popular and regular free play options include wooden train sets, duplo, imaginative play sets (e.g. babies, doctors kits, dressing up), jewellery making and loom bands, colouring and drawing, cards and board games and sports equipment. When children are allowed to choose their play, they are given the opportunity to exercise autonomy and strengthen their identity. With a strong sense of identity and self-belief, children are far more resilient to adversity. 

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