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Project Play is made up of a team of five coordinators and five volunteers from around the world. Each individual has experience working with children and young people, and is committed to standing in solidarity with people on the move. We are always recruiting volunteers to join our team for a minimum of two months, and regularly recruit for long-term coordinators. 

diversity and inclusion disclaimer:

We are an actively anti-racist organisation and we do not condone saviour complexes. While the warehouse we work in is made up of predominately white middle class people, we are actively trying to diversify this space. We encourage applications from people with lived experience, people of colour and people who speak relevant languages. If the cost of volunteering presents a significant barrier, in some cases, we are able to provide financial aid which is assessed on a case-by-case basis. For any questions regarding this, please email:

mental health

The context we work in can be difficult for many reasons. The effects of vicarious trauma, burnout and compassion fatigue are common. We also have long working days that can be tiring. In addition, the majority of us live and work together in a small team. While we have welfare provisions available for supporting each other and encouraging self-care, we ask that all applicants reflect on whether or not they are in a position to cope with the context and commit to volunteering with us at this moment in time, or whether they should revisit volunteering with us at another point in the future.

apply to volunteer

step one:

If you're interested in applying to volunteer with us on the ground, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions before applying:

step two:

Once you've done this, click here to fill out our application form!

If you have any questions, drop an email to

become a coordinator

We are not currently recruiting for coordinator positions - we will update this page and our social media when recruitment opens. 

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