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Project Play is made up of a team of five coordinators and five volunteers from around the world. Each individual has experience working with children and young people, and is committed to standing in solidarity with people on the move. We are always recruiting volunteers to join our team for a minimum of two months, and regularly recruit for long-term coordinators. 

apply to volunteer

before you apply...

1. Please take a moment to reflect:

  • Consider your motives - why do you want to work with us?

  • Will you be able to work in a highly unpredictable and ever-changing environment with long working days?

  • Do you believe you have the skills, experience and feel able to offer the best quality service to vulnerable children?


2. Please note: 

Throughout the application process we ask that you be respectful of our ground team. We have busy work schedules in a highly intense environment and so we ask that you email us back in a timely manner. We will set deadlines for responses and unfortunately we cannot guarantee spaces if you do not respond/confirm your place in time. 

Before applying, we want you to understand that you will be expected to work professionally and in a team of people from different backgrounds and ages.  Outside of work hours, you should not expect to be reliant on coordinators or other team members and be prepared to live independently. While we exist as a team, and help each other out when needed, we want you to be aware that you are responsible for yourself, and your own wellbeing.

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