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We only exist because of your support, and we can't thank you enough! If you'd like to get involved, read on to find out how you can support our work.

Defend the right to play in 2024.

Monthly donations allow us to know how much income we can expect each month - this means we can focus our energies on planning exciting and engaging play sessions, and developing our advocacy work to push for sustainable, lasting change.

If you can, commit to becoming a monthly supporter. Even a small amount means the world - if just 5% of our Instagram followers gave £2 each month (less than the cost of a coffee!), we'd cover all of our session running costs.

One off Donations

We rely on your donations to continue playing. 


Our monthly running costs are £7500, which includes the cost of fuel for our vehicle, accommodation for our volunteers, vital resources for our sessions and rent of our warehouse space. Just £26 would cover all our fuel and resource costs for one session!

get involved!


Fundraising events organised by our supporters are instrumental to our service. Without these events, we couldn’t keep playing. Whether it’s as simple as a sponsored scrabble game or as dedicated as a marathon in our name, we value your support more than we can express! 


For ideas on how to get started, check out our fundraising toolkit or contact us



Project Play recognises that the work we do arises due to fundamental injustices and dangerous international border policies. We advocate for children’s rights and strive to draw attention to the abuses taking place in northern France. Our long-term vision is that no child will live without stable shelter, access to education and protection. 


You can help us work towards that vision by sharing information about the situation in northern France. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get regular weekly updates about our service and the situation in northern France, as well as news and advocacy posts. 



Our service is run entirely by volunteers who have relevant skills, experience and dedication to supporting young people. To find out more, click here.

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If you have children’s clothes or hygiene products you would like to donate, please visit

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