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Monthly donors

Becoming a monthly donor doesn't mean we're asking you to part with stacks of cash - instead, you'll be joining a community of people who give small amounts each month, helping us build sustainability in the service we provide.

Could you spare could you spare €2 / £2 each month to help us keep playing, and keep fighting for change?

Join our Community

Sign up to become a monthly donor by using one of the platforms below. If you have a UK bank account, you can use the "UK" link. For everyone else, click the other button!

If you have any issues joining, or any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on

How does it help?

Regular monthly donations provide us with an invaluable stream of sustainable income - enabling us to budget more effectively and keep our service running more smoothly. In the current economic climate, previous fundraising streams are increasingly unreliable and fundraising demands ever more additional capacity from our fully volunteer-led team.

Monthly donors provide indispensable stability - enabling us to dedicate more time to enhancing our service, expanding our impact and campaigning for children’s rights. 

Pictured - some of our wonderful activities from nature and insect week last year!

We really couldn’t do it without the support of regular donors - and a little goes a long way:


If 100 people commit to giving us £3 each month - roughly the cost of a takeaway coffee (minus the trimmings) - this would cover our resources and fuel for all our sessions.


If 100 people commit to giving us £10 each month - one hour of work for a minimum wage job - this would cover half of our total monthly expenses (accommodation, fuel, resources etc).


Even a small amount each month really does make a huge difference to us, and we really couldn’t do it without the support of monthly donors.

Can you commit to defending the right to play this year?

Thank You!

We really can't express how much we appreciate your support - we're a tiny, exclusively volunteer team, and your belief in the power of play means the world.

When you sign up to become a monthly donor, you'll have the option to be added to our monthly donor specific mailing list, which receives lots more info on the activities we run, what our sessions look like and day-to-day life in Project Play (you can opt out at any time). 


You'll also get early access to any offers - word on the wind says there might be some exciting stickers, posters and badges coming this year. Watch this space!!

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